Chef's Soup of the Day

Served with crusty bread & creamy butter

Can Be Gluten Free

Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad

Crispy bacon pieces, croutons, toasted sesame seeds, creamy Caesar dressing & fresh parmesan cheese

Vegetarian Can Be Gluten Free

Crispy Golden Filo Prawns

Garden leaves, chilli pickle cucumber, sweet & sour sauce

The Blazin' Chicken Wings

Served in our famous sauce with blue cheese dip, (BBQ sauce or Texan hot sauce)


8oz Striploin Steak (supplement €3.50)

Seasoned stealth fries, mash, crispy onions and creamy pepper sauce

Can Be Gluten Free

Low and Slow BBQ'D Suckling Pig

Garlic cheese potato, cashew nuts, braised red cabbage, smoked bacon & BBQ jus

Can Be Gluten Free

Peri-Peri Chicken

Spiced baby potatoes, coleslaw, tangy tomato & basil sauce

SmokeHouse Beef Burger

Cheese, smokey bacon, lettuce, crispy onions, stealth fries & smoked BBQ sauce

Fish of the Day and Vegetarian Option Available

Confit of Crispy Duck

Spring onion mash, smoked bean cassoulet, orange & black pepper jus

Power Salad - Grilled Smoked Haddock or Grilled Chicken (low cal)

Quinoa, beetroot,, pomegranate, cucumber, carrot, cashew nuts, rocket, herbs & citrus dressing

Can Be Gluten Free


White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

Quenelle of cream, raspberry freeze & raspberry couli

Warm Rustic Apple Pie

Ice-cream, fruit & creme anglaise


Fresh cream, strawberries & chocolate sauce